Our work is a meticulous coalescence of both exotic and native woods, often of contrasting tones, using traditional joinery; Usually paired with industrial styled architectural curves and evocative color swatches.
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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The worth of a finished object is not necessarily in the wood used, but how well and intelligently it is used. Wood is becoming too precious a material to be wasted through incompetence. By Christian Becksvoort, With the Grain: A Craftsman’s Guide to Understanding Wood (via lanthorn)

This is our Aviation Cabinet. It’s made from an old radio that only had three sides left. We custom made the bottom piece to match the top, added a door and drawer, and put in some shelving. To finish it off, we added aluminum trim with brass screws. This was one of our most time consuming and labor intensive pieces to date.

We’ve already posted a shot of an incubator/oven that we’ve recently acquired. Here’s an example of what we can do with it. Not only is the incubator reclaimed, but the legs and top are made of reclaimed Oak and Maple.